Your Anti-static and Moisture-proof protection partner
        In Parkson Packing Material Company, we always stock the future challenges and opportunities with a vision beyond the present and find any possibility to offer you innovative technology solutions and services. We take this as the production concept, discard the traditional constraints and show more possibilities!
  Concern about the future from your present, Parkson has only one mission: Help you achieve your dreams and fully show your potentials.
  Meeting clients’ needs is Parkson’s main attention. We hope we can meet your needs and promote our applied Technology and innovation at the same time. During constant innovative activities, we follow the rules below: improve the human quality of the work, follow the environment system and create a respected products packaging environment that you believe.
  Parkson firmly believes that we will be your all-round Anti-static and Moisture-proof protection partner by our wholehearted efforts!

  Elevtron Products Package Material System Solver
       Zhangjiagang Parkson Packing Material Company is a specialized manufacture which has independent property rights, advanced Anti-static and Moisture-proof Treatment Technology and a set of advanced techniques and devices! we try our best to provide the market and clients with all-round and high-qualified Anti-static shielding bags, Anti-static and Moisture-proof bags, Anti-static vacuum bags, conductive grid bags; and we also provide Anti-static PE bags, Anti-static bubble envelopes.  
      Considering the special demands of clients, we also make pearl sponge and compounded membrane bags and other kinds of Heat Insulation Foils. In today’s electronic packaging industry, Parkson has been one of the most competitive and high–qualified Anti-static and Moisture-proof products suppliers.
  With many stable suppliers that provide abundant and high-quality raw materials, Parkson tries to be creative and high qualified! Besides, with the strong design and development capability, well know of clients, all-round service ideas for clients and the strictly environmental protection demands for products, all the above help us beyond the clients’ values that they look forward to.


   Parkson has a group of excellent technical professionals and advanced production devices to offer all kinds of Anti-static and Moisture-proof packaging products for clients! Our products have been widely used in many fields like: electronic components, integrated circuit boards, exact accessories, PC boards, Internet transmission, photographic equipment, IC shielding bags, instruments, chemical materials, biological intermediates and etc.
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